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Limited editions and multiples

After my painting "Misericordia en azul" Limited edition silkscreen print, 22 colors on cotton paper. Created in 2013 at Arte Papel.

The edition is of 22 signed and numbered in pencil, a few of them are hand finished with spray paint and acrylic paint. 3 P.A.

Mod Cardenas - Misericordia en azul - 20

After a mural I created in 2008, this print was created at Arte Papel in 2014. Limited edition of 45, 2 color silkscreen on cotton paper, hand signed and numbered in pencil.

This edition was archived for 6 years and sold for a limited time in 2,020. It is now archived again.

"Fuerza de la vida" limited edition stencil. 2 layer handcut stencil, spray painted on fine art hand-torned paper, hand signed on the front and hand numbered on the back. Edition of 25 painted 2019-2020

The original image was a stencil I painted in Guatemala city in 2004, I recreated the image to create the edition.

Limited edition stencil

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